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"The only thing on the exterior of our house that wasn't done by Schneider is probably the brick from when the house was built about 35 years ago! Windows, basement windows, front door, sliding patio door, siding, shutters, downspouts, and now new roof were all done by Schneider. We have always been pleased with the salesman, John Wiehe. He is thorough with his explanations and has helped us make good choices for materials, the roof being no exception. The roof installers were prompt, courteous, and worked every minute they were here." - Dave & Nicky Romes

Siding, Gutters, Windows, Shutters, Entry Doors, Storm Doors, Sliding Glass Doors and Patio Enclosure

"Our salesperson, Ken Schutte was very professional and helpful as always.  He offered good alternatives to our storm door problems and questions. The door in question is a unique, non-standard size. The scheduler was very helpful as we were able to get fast service once our door was available. Our installer, Steve, was efficient, professional and quick.  He even took the time to sweep the work area prior to leaving. Over the years, we have always had excellent and outstanding service and quality from Schneider Home Equipment.  We like to say we have a Schneider House. In past years we have had Schneider install siding, gutters, windows, shutters, doors, storm doors, sliding glass doors and a patio enclosure." - Charles & Kay Ratcliff


"Very impressed with the professionalism at all levels of the project. The railing looks great and the materials used are of the highest quality. We couldn't be more pleased!" - Michelle & Sue Raab


"From the moment that Tim called to say when he was coming to start our project, everything was perfect.  He and 
his team did an amazing job of removing our siding and downspouts, gutters, etc.  They worked diligently and effortlessly
 replacing said removed items.  They were so organized-items were placed in an organized manner and work was completed
 within 5 business days.  They were pleasant to chat with, when we asked questions, they answered them all.  They even 
put in two new outside lights for us and replaced our flag holder.  Nice guys!  Did a beautiful job and now when I pull into 
my driveway, I still can't believe that my house looks so beautiful! We have done business with Schneider before two years
 ago with all new windows.  We would recommend them without hesitation." - Mike & Lois Seidenman


"WHAT A GREAT JOB! I could not be more pleased with the superb job that Tim and his assistant did on the trim work on 
our house. The work is perfect! I did not realize that it was possible to do such excellent work in the custom forming and
 fitting of rake, soffit, and frieze covers and installing gutters. Tim is a real craftsman and a true professional. You are 
extremely fortunate to have him in your employment. My job was made especially difficult because Tim had to remove trim that was very poorly installed. In 1997 we had another company install Aside vinyl siding and trim on our house. Although, at the time, I was quite familiar with Schneider Home Equipment, I did not realize at the time that Schneider did siding. I thought of Schneider only as a "window and door" company. So we had another company do our siding in 1997. We got a very bad job, especially with the trim work. Although during the installation I spoke with the installer daily about problems and subsequently made the other company come back three times. In 1997 to make corrections, we still ended up with a very sloppy job. The installer even removed some molding and trim that weakened the structure of the soffit, making Tim's job even more difficult. Let me say if anyone needs siding and trim they need to talk to Schneider Home Equipment and get Tim on the job. I don't believe there is anyone out there doing a better job. Tim is very pleasant, polite, and personable to work with. He constantly tries to do perfect work. He works in a slow and meticulous manner doing everything right. If you are not satisfied with anything he does, he will correct it. There are very few installers in the home improvement business that will work like this and take such pride in their work. I hope Schneider realizes how fortunate they are in today's market to have someone like Tim available for their siding jobs. Keep up the great work!" - J. Kent Rawlings


"We are very satisfied with the awnings.  They look great and we have received many compliments!" - Lynn Piepmeyer


"Schneider Home Equipment is so nice!  I placed my request through the website, and someone called right away and was very helpful.  The shutters are installed and look great!" - Mary Clark

Porch Enclosure

"This is a very honest family run company! They stand behind their work 100% plus! I had an enclosed patio roof done by them several years ago. During this past winter it leaked and Schneider came out right away and temporarily fixed it. Later after the bad weather was over it was discovered that the real problem lay with the house roof. When my roofer came out and did not fix it right, Mike Schneider came to the rescue and sent his roofer out to fix it correctly. This is something he did not have to do but offered to do to help me out. I highly recommend Schneider Home Equipment! I am a repeat happy customer." - Carol Riesser

Sliding Door

"Excellent job.  We are very happy with the quality of our new sliding glass door.  The whole process from start to finish was very efficient, and the install was quick and thorough. We had a great experience." - Steve Schutte

Entry Doors

"I wanted to purchase 2 exterior steel doors and 1 storm door and have them installed. I only called companies I felt might be up for the task, since this was not a straight forward installation job. It would require someone with the skills and experience to do it right. (Two companies came out and didn't even want to do it!)  After getting my estimates, I decided on Schneider. Their price was very reasonable and I knew they had a good reputation locally. They came out and measured twice (Salesman & Installer) then ordered what I needed. When the doors arrived, they called me and arraigned to install them. Took about 6 hours and everything looked PERFECT! The attention to detail could not be any better. Everything works perfectly. When finished, the site was as clean (or maybe cleaner) than before the job was started. We are very pleased. Thank you!" - Hank & Lois Mayberry
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